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HMS Values Statement

updated October 2021


Harbor Montessori school is a community that values...



We are a welcoming school where everyone belongs.

  • We celebrate together.

  • We value diversity and equity.

  • We empower every individual to use their voice.

  • We provide opportunities for everyone to participate.



We care for ourselves, others and our environment.

  • We set and honor boundaries without judgment.

  • We act with empathy and consideration of others.

  • We are stewards of our community spaces.

  • We listen to each other and are mindful of our biases.



We develop and nurture authentic relationships for the betterment of our school.

  • We check in on and advocate for one another.

  • We come together for the good of the group.

  • We create opportunities to gather and interact.

  • We foster a spirit of collaboration, care & compassion.



We maintain a growth mindset.

  • We cultivate an enthusiastic and inspiring attitude.

  • We make the best of any situation.

  • We assume good intent.

  • We are hopeful in the face of adversity.



We hold ourselves accountable to the mission of our school.

  • We are purposeful in our commitment to the Montessori philosophy every day.

  • We take responsibility for our own actions as they affect the school community.

  • We do the right thing even when it is the hard thing to do.

  • We uphold the school’s stated values.

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