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Harbor Montessori School
at Tracyton

Harbor Montessori School is dedicated to nurturing the whole child through intentional academic guidance, purposeful learning environments, and peace-minded community support.

We are excited to bring an authentic Montessori program to the Bremerton area! 

- Toddlers ages 18 months-3 years -

- Early Childhood ages 3 years-6 years -

 Now Enrolling!

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Harbor Montessori School was founded in 1981 in Gig Harbor, WA. A fully accredited school through the

American Montessori Society and the Northwest Association of Independent Schools and we pride ourselves on small class sizes with individualized lessons. 


Our Tracyton campus in the Kitsap area opened in January 2022.

We offer programs for children in Early Childhood & Kindergarten (ages 3 to 6 years)  

and Toddlers (ages 18 months to 3 years)

Our Tracyton site offers a full day program

Monday-Friday from 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Extended childcare for children enrolled at HMS is an optional add on, offering families who need the

extra care before and after school. This option allows you to drop students off as early as 7:30 am and

pick up as late as 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.

2024-2025 Tuition and Fees

Early Childhood Full Day & Kindergarten annual tuition: $11,650

Early Childhood Half Day annual tuition: 8,150

Toddler Program Full Day monthly tuition: $1,272

Toddler Program Half Day monthly tuition: $890

Extended before and after school childcare monthly tuition: $315.50

*Children must be independent in the restroom to enroll in an Early Childhood (ages 3-6) class. 


HMS requires some parent volunteer & education hours.

Harbor Montessori School believes all children deserve a Montessori education. At HMS we set aside a percentage of our overall budget for families who need financial assistance. Awards are determined by a third-party organization. At this time, HMS does not award Merit scholarships but rather awards financial assistance for qualifying families. 

The FA deadline for the 2024-2025 school year is March 15th, however, late applications will still be considered.

-Apply For Financial Assistance Here-

5550 Tracyton Blvd. NW.
Bremerton, WA. 98311

(360) 377-0102

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Dr. Montessori developed the early childhood program based on child development at this exciting age. Dr. Montessori realized that children are capable of so much more than we typically give them credit. That is why the HMS Early Childhood program has such tremendous breadth and depth.


The foundational goal of the Early Childhood program is for the child to develop a sense of order, concentration skills, coordination, and independence (OCCI).  These are the foundation because without them, children do not have the necessary focus and skills to become successful students.  But the curriculum is so much more than OCCI.


Realizing the potential of young children, Dr. Montessori included Practical Life, Sensorial, Language (reading and writing), Math, Science (Earth science, astronomy, botany, zoology and anatomy), Cultural (geography, social studies, peace education).

In the Montessori program, each child is given individual lessons that contain kinesthetic, auditory and visual components.  What does that mean?  Every child’s needs are met – no matter what style of learner they are, no matter how quickly they master material, no matter how slowly they need to go in a subject they find more challenging.  Children are not bored waiting for others to catch up, nor left behind because they simply needed more time to master a concept. Please note that we work for true understanding, not rote memorization.

Another important aspect of the Montessori Early Childhood program is the multi-age classroom. Younger children develop intrinsic motivation because they want to do what they see older children doing. Older children solidify their mastery of a subject when helping to teach a younger child.  The children also have the opportunity to experience different social roles, no matter what their birth order might be.  Children develop leadership skills as they move through the three-year program.

Last, but not least, the Montessori program is unique as it addresses the development of the whole child.  Grace and courtesy is continually taught and reinforced as a foundation of social development.  Lessons to assist children with emotional development are included, in addition to, fine and gross motor development.

Meet The Team

Aimee Allen.JPG

Aimee Allen

Head of School


Lisa Derouin

Site Director


Carrie Butler

Program Director


Maya George

Fern Class Teacher


Maria Silva

Mulberry Class Teacher


Casey DeViese

Sage Class Teacher


Ashley Ross

Lavender Class Teacher


Chelsae Roach

Fern Class Teacher


Terri Sue Samuels

Assistant Teacher


Alana Lindsay

Assistant Teacher


Jailee Bishop

Assistant Teacher


Jennifer Mason

Assistant Head of School

See what's going on at Harbor Montessori in Tracyton to be great planners, how to find answers and how to challenge themselves.

...with their peers, their teachers and their community.

...into independent life-long learners and good citizens of the world.

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