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Why Five Days A Week?

Parents often wonder why Harbor Montessori does not offer a two or three-day a week program. The answer is simple. Children, especially those who are 0-6, thrive on consistency. We actually joke that in a perfect world we would be open 7 days a week. After any break, even a weekend, children have to transition back into the classroom. They are much like adults; on Mondays they have to share what happened over the weekend with their friends before they can settle into their work and truly concentrate.

Children cannot tell time consistently over a week until around age 7. When children go to school every other day, they wake up wondering, “Is a school day or not? What happens next?” Children are much more able to concentrate and become more deeply involved in their work when they know what to expect next. Therefore, a five-day a week program best follows children’s natural development.

Need another example? Why do children cry when we take them to Disneyland? Isn’t supposed to be the happiest place on Earth? As much fun as it is, taking them out of their routines is a formula for a meltdown, even if Mickey and Minnie are hosting.

So outside of those special family occasions, we encourage students to attend school everyday. Regular attendance not only leads to more time-on-task, but allows for deeper concentration on each task.

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