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Is Montessori For Every Child?

With only a handful of exceptions (e.g. children who are violent or children who have medical needs beyond the capability of the school), the answer is a resounding “YES”! Every child has unique learning needs and only in an accredited Montessori school does every child have the benefit of an education plan designed just for him/her. Only in a Montessori school is every lesson presented with a visual, an auditory and a kinesthetic component, so each child’s learning style is met. Only in a Montessori school are lessons available when the child is ready, not on an adult or curriculum-driven schedule. The result is that every child’s potential is maximized. The child who learns quickly is never bored waiting on other to catch up, and they don’t have to be moved grade levels ahead to be challenged. They can remain with their peers in an environment that is socially and emotionally appropriate and still remained challenged. For the child who needs more time to master a skill or concept, they are not left behind as the class moves forward and they become lost. When a child works on a skill or concept they find difficult, they have the gift of time to practice and fully understand before moving onto the next skill. More importantly, they receive this gift of time without the feeling of failure because others learned it faster. So who does Montessori serve well? Every child!

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