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Ever wonder why there is an empty parking lot across the street?

Well, the much-anticipated campus expansion at Harbor Montessori School has begun! After purchasing the property in 2006, we had to work through numerous delays with the County’s permitting process; however, we were finally able to secure the needed permits in June of 2012. (What a great 30th anniversary present!)

The project wil l be completed in two phases. The first phase included the demolition of the house that was on the property and bringing in a portable building (scheduled to be delivered on October 4) that will expand our campus by two classrooms. The parking, landscaping and underground utility work for both phases will be completed in Phase One. This expansion will allow Harbor Montessori School to open a third Primary (ages 3-6) classroom, will give the Middle School program their own room and will provide additional space for enrichment classes (Spanish, art, P.E., music, and Writer’s Workshop), as well as, extra space for projects. The expansion should be completed by October 31, 2012.

Simultaneously, Harbor Montessori is conducting a Capital Campaign to continue raising money for Phase Two of this project. For those familiar with Harbor Montessori, the new building (Building C) will resemble our elementary building (Building B). Building C will have classroom space for the Toddler, Upper Elementary and Middle School programs, along with art and music studios and much-needed storage space. The expanded campus will allow Harbor Montessori to serve the needs of our students even better and allow additional students to receive the benefits of a Montessori education, Toddler through 9th Grade.

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